Overview EBEN Conferences

Overview EBEN Research Conferences

EBEN Research Conferences are held yearly, with the aim of bringing together academics, preferably young academics, to present and discuss their new ideas and approaches around some specific theme in the field of business ethics.


  • 2022: Darmstadt, Research conference about strategies for business ethics, sustainable finance and whistle-blowing.
  • 2019: Roskilde, Rethinking Business Ethics and CSR: New Research Challenges and Opportunities!
  • 2018: Vienna (Austria), Beyond Corruption - Fraudulent Behavior in and of Corporations""
  • 2017: Greece, Athens, ""Ethics, the Economy and the Idea of Justice""
  • 2016: Palermo, Italy, ""Ethical behavior and ethical disclosure"".
  • 2015: Copenhagen, Denmark, ""Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics""
  • 2014: Lisbon, Portugal, ""Ethics in a time of crisis""
  • 2013: Pamplona, Spain, ""Measuring and valuing corporate reputation: being good and looking good""
  • 2012: Newcastle, UK, ""Accountability, transparency, sustainability""
  • 2011: Dublin, Ireland, ""Does Integrity Matter?""
  • 2010: Tampere, Finland, ""From Theory to Practice – How does business ethics matter?""
  • 2009: Beer-Sheva, Israel, ""Conflicts in the World of Business Ethics""
  • 2008: Lille, France, ""Power Relations in and around Corporations""
  • 2007: Bergamo, Italy, ""Finance plus Society in Ethical Perspective""
  • 2006: St. Petersburg, Russia, ""Normative Foundations of Corporate Responsibility""
  • 2005: Tallinn, Estonia, ""'Ethics in leadership. Ethical challenges in economic, political, and social reality""
  • 2004: Twente, the Netherlands, ""Ethics and Entrepreneurship""
  • 2003: Oslo, Norway, ""Walking the Talk"" - Closing the Gap between Corporate Principles and CSR Reporting""
  • 2002: Posnan, Poland, ""The ethical dimensions of Corporate Governance""
  • 2001: Konstanz, Germany, ""Global Social Standards""
  • 2000: Lyon, France, ""From Words to Deeds""
"The mission of EBEN is to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global market­place and to enable dialogue on the role of business in society."

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