EBEN Annual Conference - May 24-26, 2023 - Rimini, Italy

Poverty, Profit and Ethics in dialogue toward new Business paradigms in different sectors

EBEN2023 program

The conference aims to reflect on the relationships among poverty, profit and ethics in theory and practice, by involving theoretical and empirical contributions of a broad spectrum and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

The conference is including theoretical and empirical contributions and will be aimed at the academic and operational world to "design" together some traits of a new paradigm of sustainable company, that may be able to combine poverty, profit and ethics at any level, internal and external, and respond better to sustainable development, circular economy and quality of life respecting cultural diversity, inclusion and equity in the distribution of wealth.

The Conference is a deliberately informal gathering of researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners concerned with research, teaching and practice in the field of the conference in the very widest sense. The emphasis is on a high level of interaction, discussion and debate in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Among the other, special tracks are going to be organized in collaboration with:


The scientific committee is evaluating post-conference publication opportunities. Only full papers will be considered for further publications opportunities. Further information will be available on the conference website

The conference is going to be run in English.

"The mission of EBEN is to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global market­place and to enable dialogue on the role of business in society."

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